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Part One - News Review and Investigative Reports

Labour Party internal election-fixing and bullying in Bristol and nationally. Jo Sargeant, Bristol Labour Councillor, attacks Mayor Marvin and Hickman for bullying management and wanting 'Power For Power's Sake'. nicknames for the thuggish Bristol Labour clique: Kevin Slug'em, Marvin Rees-Mogg and Marge Hit-man. Labour Party apparatchiks SW Officials Phil Gaskin, Dominic Collins and Hayley Jackson choosing right-wing Blairite candidates for local elections, not local Labour party members or branches. To members of Lockleaze Labour Party We are writing to you to let you know that we, the committee of Lockleaze Labour Party, have taken the decision to resign. We feel that we have no other choice. In October 2020, a meeting was to held to select two candidates to stand as councillors in elections to be held in May 2021 as both our longstanding councillors Gill Kirk and Estella Tincknell were retiring. The process was overseen and approved by the Bristol Labour Party Campaign Forum which was responsible for the selection of candidates. There were six excellent local candidates. The two candidates selected by due process were Alfie Thomas and Anna Lart Greene (see attached photo). Both are in their twenties, committed to the local area and able to speak up for local people on Bristol City Council. However, our chosen candidates were blocked by the South West Labour Party Regional Director and no one from Regional Office has talked to us about reasons for doing so. Instead, Regional Office took over the selection process. They have not met their timetable for the selection of candidates which means that we still do not have Labour Party candidates in place for May’s election, despite campaigning officially starting on March 15th. Therefore, our position as committee members is not tenable. We regret the decision we have had to take but have been given no alternative. Lockleaze Labour Party Committee

New Metro Mayor candidates – Dan Norris. Evidence Dan Norris may have had a valuable letter from Tony Blair saying there were definitely WMD in Iraq  and encouraging him to whip Labour MPs to vote for the Iraq war. ‘Bristolian’ - break down of confidence in Labour I know many of you, like me, feel let down by the Conservatives. Jobs and hope are disappearing in this economic and health crisis. We need new leadership to build a better future for everyone in our region. Other Metro Mayors across the country are making their voices heard, but we hear nothing from the invisible Tory Metro Mayor. Let’s change that. I love this part of the world. I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve represented this area as an MP and councillor. I’m ambitious for the West of England and committed to making where we all live, the best it can be. Together we can protect and create jobs, invest in excellent public transport, tackle the climate emergency, work to end the shame of homelessness and build back better from the crisis we face.

Political Party integrity. Marvin Rees discussing the game of politics and resources not being an issue. 

I had to think carefully about publishing this but decided on balance it was the right thing to do. It’s about my experience as a member of the Labour Party and as a member of the Bristol Labour Group of councillors. It’s a bit of a long read - don’t say you weren’t warned!

— Cllr Jo Sergeant #DemocracyRules (@joshop68) March 12, 2021

Resignation of Labour councillor Jo Sergeant over bullying by the mayor - 4th Councillor to leave since March – Former Labour councillor launches scathing attack on Bristol mayor and local party leadership Claims of a culture of 'fear and bullying' dismissed as 'personal vendetta' by mayor's office A Bristol councillor has launched a scathing attack on the Labour group after quitting the party earlier this month. Councillor Jo Sergeant’s claims, which allege there is a culture of “fear and bullying” within the party, and make particular reference to elected mayor Marvin Rees and Bristol Labour Group leader Marg Hickman, have been dismissed as a “personal vendetta” by the mayor’s office. Her resignation statement comes two months before local elections and just before a full council vote tonight (March 16) on whether to hold a referendum on the elected mayoral model next year. Now representing Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston as an independent, Cllr Sergeant quit the Labour group after voting in February against its intention to freeze council rents, a controversial issue which split the group in the weeks before it was passed by full council as part of next year's budget. Her resignation statement released on Friday night (March 12) describes the Labour party as being “focused on power for power’s sake and beset with a culture of fear and bullying”. Cllr Sergeant said the Bristol Labour Group is dominated by Mr Rees and Cllr Hickman who “through their allies...control the agenda and restrict opportunity for debate on issues they do not wish to be discussed”. Making public accusations which a small handful of Labour councillors have expressed privately, Cllr Sergeant said Mr Rees sees local councillors as an “annoying inconvenience” and has “no respect” for any members other than those Labour individuals in his “inner circle”. She said he set up the City Office and One City Boards as an “alternative council” to make policy in a way that “circumvents democratic process”. Cllr Sergeant’s comments drew both criticism and support from other Labour councillors on social media. Rebel backbencher Nicola Bowden-Jones, who also voted against the council rent freeze and was the only Labour member to vote against next year’s budget on February 23, said she was “proud” of her “courageous” colleague for going public. I support everything you have said, and respect how difficult a decision this has been for you,” Cllr Bowden-Jones said. Lockleaze Cllr Gill Kirk, who is not seeking re-election in May, said: “All I see here is a concerted effort to bring down a Labour administration. Very sad.” A spokesman for Mr Rees said: “The mayor and cabinet are completely focussed on keeping Bristolians safe and protecting their jobs. Our energy is going into the city’s Covid response and recovery – not being spent on rebutting people’s personal vendettas.” Neither Cllr Hickman nor the regional Labour group, which also came in for criticism from Cllr Sergeant for imposing its choice of local election candidates, responded to a request for comment. Cllr Sergeant, who has said she is “considering her options” ahead of May’s elections, is an opponent of the elected mayoral model, which she believes puts too much power in the hands of one person. She voted against it in the referendum of 2012 which led to the city getting its first directly elected mayor, George Ferguson, who was also criticised for exercising too much power. However, Cllr Sergeant said she will not vote tonight in favour of a motion to hold a referendum in 2022 on whether the role should be kept or scrapped. She said the referendum would allow voters to choose only between keeping the mayoral system in 2024 or reverting to a leader and cabinet model of governance, which “still encouraged party-political bickering over constructive policy making [and] still left most Bristolians’ elected representatives with very limited involvement”. Cllr Sergeant, who is an opponent of Keir Starmer’s leadership of the party, said she would be campaigning instead for a “committee system” which “enables true democracy and accountability”. The motion from the Liberal Democrat group is unlikely to pass when councillors vote on it tonight. Following Cllr Sergeant's departure, the Labour group including Mr Rees numbers 34, which is equal to the total number of opposition councillors.

Cllr Sergeant is the fourth councillor to leave the group since March last year when Eastville representative Sultan Khan defected to the Liberal Democrats saying he was tired of “infighting” within the party. Harriet Bradley quit her Brislington West seat in July 2020 over ill health, after being suspended from the Labour Party while it investigated a controversial social media post referring to “the right kind of Jews”. Former cabinet member for housing Paul Smith stepped down in September after being appointed chief executive of Elim Housing Group. However, Labour is not the only political group on the council to lose members since the 2016 local elections. The Conservatives lost Brislington East councillor Tony Carey to the Liberal Democrats in September 2019, and Green member for Clifton Down Clive Stevens stood down due to ill health in January of this year. A number of councillors have announced their intention not to seek re-election in May having been required to serve another year after last year's local elections were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Priti Patel’s new Bill, ‘The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’, to criminalise travellers, homeless and protest. Spy Cops. Kate Middleton turns up at vigil for Sarah Everard. Agent provocateurs. Priti Patel’s new Bill bringing together all protest groups to fight it.  Anti-protest Police Bill 'that would make a dictator blush' passes Commons vote A crackdown on the right to protest that would "make a dictator blush" tonight passed a crucial hurdle in the House of Commons. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill passed its second reading 359-263 after it was overwhelmingly backed by Tory MPs. There were no Tory rebels and only three Tory MPs did not vote either way: Anne Marie Morris, Desmond Swayne and Charles Walker. It will now go into a committee stage where MPs will try to pick away at the most controversial elements of the proposed law before it is passed in full, and handed over to the Lords. It comes despite outrage about parts of the wide-ranging, 176-clause Bill - especially 10 clauses relating to protests and camping. The Bill would make it illegal to inflict “serious annoyance” on a person without reasonable excuse, with up to 10 years’ jail in theory. Police will be able to tell one-person protests to stop shouting and impose noise limits, start and finish times on gatherings.

Dara, from ‘The Right to Reside’ group, discusses the new bill. Police criminality STORY LINK**. Northern Ireland. Clydach murders near Swansea. Resist Anti-Trespass (RA-T) We are a decentralised network of squatters and vagabonds resisting the proposal and enforcement of the new anti-trespass measures included in the upcoming « police powers : unauthorised encampment » bill, first announced in the 2019 Tory manifesto. The bill will criminalise the act of trespass with intent to reside. This targets primarily Travellers, and it could also have unprecedented impact on the rights of squatters, protesters, rough sleepers, ravers, ramblers, van dwellers, boaters… To fight this bill that endangers our very ways of life, we are calling for autonomous actions. We support a diversity of tactics. Let’s take action ! On the website there will soon be a page for your participation on which we’ll post some videos and photos of actions you’ve taken against the anti-trespass law. There is also a page of resources on which you can find ready flyers and stickers to print, etc. The RA-T Kicking Kit is also very soon to be available for you to walk all over the city and cross other paths of footprints !

The Dangerous Authoritarian Threat Posed by Priti Patel to Our Right to Protest and Dissent So the war is on, then ­ of home secretary Priti Patel versus the people; Priti Patel, the authoritarian bigot, versus anyone who dares to disagree with her about anything; Priti Patel, a woman, and the child of Ugandan-Indian immigrants, who, nevertheless, embodies the worst aspects of an arrogant, intolerant, racist, sexist, planet-despoiling, rights-hating elite British patriarchy. For anyone concerned about civil liberties in the UK, Priti Patel’s deeply troubling attitude to dissent seems to have fuelled yesterday’s heavy-handed response by the police to a peaceful vigil by women on Clapham Common mourning the brutal murder of Sarah Everard, allegedly by a serving police officer. The sight of policemen using force to break up the vigil was an act of truly astonishing insensitivity, and while there are clearly questions to be asked of the officers involved ­ concerning their blatant ‘manhandling’ of grieving women, and claims that some officers deliberately trampled on flowers left by woman at the vigil, as well as the risibility of the Metropolitan Police’s own claims about them having to break up the vigil because of concerns about public safety in light of the ongoing Covid regulations ­ it seems most pertinent to look up the chain of command for an explanation of how and why such a heavy-handed and insensitive display of force took place ­ and that chain of command leads inexorably, via the Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, to Priti Patel.

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Part Two - Covid-19 Scamdemic Casedemic latest and investigations

Manoeuvres in the Black Sea – Russia and the West. George Stephanopolous, ABC News, the first post-election interview Biden is heavily edited the interviewer eggs president Biden on to condemn Putin. Cyber attacks. Chinese satellite can find nuclear subs. Russian politics. George Stephanopoulos of ABC News interviews Joe Biden in Darby, Pennsylvania on March 16, 2021. The United States' chief intelligence office on Tuesday released an unclassified report on foreign meddling in the 2020 election that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw sweeping efforts aimed at "denigrating" President Joe Biden’s candidacy. Biden told Stephanopoulos that he had warned Putin about a potential response during a call in late January. "He will pay a price," Biden said. "We had a long talk, he and I, when we -- I know him relatively well. And the conversation started off, I said, 'I know you and you know me. If I establish this occurred, then be prepared." Stephanopoulos asked: "So you know Vladimir Putin. You think he's a killer?" "Mmm hmm, I do," Biden replied. While the president said "you'll see" that Putin is "going to pay," he did not elaborate. He did say, though, that it was possible to "walk and chew gum at the same time for places where it's in our mutual interest to to work together." He pointed to his decision to extend an arms agreement with Russia in January.

What has happened to Bilderberg since Covid 19? Have they achieved their aims to infiltrate governments and are now into the Plandemic and WWIII end game? Bilderberg In Their Underground Bunker For 2021 As Their Illuminati - Albert Pike Police State WWIII Armageddon Plan Oozes Out - For decades the Illuminati's 'Propaganda Committees' around the world, but centred in the NATO countries, have been infiltrating government and religion like a cancer. Now they believe they have enough control through the mass media, finance, big pharma, politics and the faiths, its time to go for broke. To launch the final stage of their doomed bid take over the world. The democracies have already been reduced to disillusionment and misery by years of their immoral policies and austerity undermining the legitimacy of government so the time may be right for the new smiling, Hitler-like man-god messiah, or Antichrist, the white horse, to step out on the world stage? Mastermind Henry Kissinger is desperate to see the plan for world domination put into action, if not concluded, by the time he dies so perhaps he is pushing things along too fast. Let's hope so.

Should remainer Nicola Sturgeon go? ABC Biden interview: troops will probably stay in Afghanistan.

CNBC – Boris’s change to Britain’s nuclear policy. 10 years after Libyan bloodbath. Lloyd Austin, new US Secretary for Defence, says US is ready to fight N. Korea.  Britain changes policy so it can use nuclear weapons in response to ‘emerging technologies’ PUBLISHED WED, MAR 17 2021 KEY POINTS The country’s 111-page Integrated Defense Review, published Tuesday, included a subtle line on when the U.K. “reserves the right” to use nuclear weapons. It says the U.K. could use nuclear weapons if other countries use “weapons of mass destruction” against it. Such weapons include “emerging technologies that could have a comparable impact” to chemical, biological weapons or other nuclear weapons. LONDON ­ The U.K. has changed its defense policy which may enable it to use nuclear weapons in response to “emerging technologies.” The country’s 111-page Integrated Defense Review, published Tuesday, included a subtle line on when the U.K. “reserves the right” to use nuclear weapons. It says the U.K. could use nuclear weapons if other countries use “weapons of mass destruction” against it. Such weapons include “emerging technologies that could have a comparable impact” to chemical, biological weapons or other nuclear weapons. Some British newspapers report that “emerging technologies” include cyberattacks, citing defense insiders, but the report doesn’t explicitly say that. The U.K. government did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment.

Demilitarise the 2021 census - Its being processed by an arms company... again! This year, the contract for processing census forms has been put in the hands of Leidos, one of the worlds biggest military companies. So far, there hasnt been much debate about this. Wed like to change that. We invite you to take action through the census form itself, to suggest to your friends they do the same and, crucially, (a) tell your local paper about what youre doing and (b) tell us what youre doing! In 2011, the contract for processing the census in the UK was awarded to the US arms company Lockheed Martin (strictly speaking, to its British subsidiary), leading to quite a lot of protest, including by the Count Me Out network. The part of Lockheed Martin that ran the UK census in 2011 was its information systems and global solutions section. This business arm was sold off to Leidos in 2016, and no doubt helped Leidos win the 65m contract for census questionnaire management in the UK. So, it is pretty much the same people/organisation doing the census work in 2021 as did it in 2011. Its just that they are now housed in a company specialising in government IT work, including a ton of military and intelligence IT work. Who is Leidos?  Leidos was listed by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) as the 19th biggest arms and military services company in the world in 2019, with military sales of $5.3bn out of total sales of $11.1bn. Here in the UK, Leidos does a lot of work for the MoD the British military paid Leidos 276m for various services in 2016 2017, CAAT points out. Leidos mainly does military IT and support services, though it did buy a military hardware company, Dynetics, for $1.65bn in 2020. Dynetics is a developer of future defence technologies for the US military, including long-range hypersonic missiles, ground-based laser weapons, the Gremlin recoverable drone, and the Gunsmoke battlefield intelligence microsatellite. Leidos says: We have extensive experience in airborne operations, maintenance, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance with all the Armed Services. In 2019, before buying Dynetics, Leidos won a contract with the US army to provide aircraft intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support services. Overall, Leidos says its military work includes large-scale intelligence systems, command and control and intelligence analysis and operations support.

Steve Hilton, ‘The Next Revolution’ on Fox News, criticises blunders of the CDC ... Charles Lieber, Chairman of Harvard Dep. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, charged with spying and passing information to Chinese University. 28Jan20 Harvard scientist charged with lying about ties to Chinese university; two Chinese nationals accused of economic espionage. The chairman of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology was arrested and charged Tuesday with lying about his links to a Chinese university, the latest case to surface in the US government’s crackdown on suspected espionage and scientific theft. Federal authorities said Charles Lieber, a prominent nanoscientist and a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, received hundreds of thousands of dollars from his Chinese connections. He shuffled into a Boston federal courtroom in shackles Tuesday to face charges that stunned the area’s scientific community. "The Chinese government‘s goal … is to replace the United States as the world superpower and it’s breaking the law to get there,” Joseph R. Bonavolonta, the FBI special agent in charge of the bureau’s Boston office, said at a news conference. China “wants what we have so they can gain the upper hand,” he added.

Philip Giraldi – ‘More Suggestions for Dealing with Israel: banning duel nationality is a good place to start’ More Suggestions for Dealing with Israel Recusal and banning dual nationality good places to start PHILIP GIRALDI  MARCH 2, 2021 My article last week that made some suggestions about what ordinary Americans can do to put pressure on Israel and on the lopsided bilateral relationship with Washington that has done so much damage to the United States proved to be quite popular. It also resulted in some comments by readers who saw other issues that might be considered pressure points that could be exploited to bring about change or at least to mitigate some of the damage. Two areas that were mentioned a number of times were the possibility of recusing the most strident Israeli partisans from some discussions on Middle East policy and also refusing to issue security clearances to American government employees and politicians who are dual national citizens, which raises the issue of dual loyalty. Recusal is defined as removing oneself from participation to avoid a conflict of interest due to lack of impartiality while refusing to issue clearances would completely block dual national Israeli and other foreign citizens from having high level positions in the U.S. government. Some would argue that recusal is an excessive punishment that will limit debate on a key foreign policy issue. It will also inevitably be perceived by the usual suspects as anti-Semitic since the only ones who would be excluded would be some Zionists, but they miss the point, which is that the current system does not in any way permit the review of a range of points of view on the Middle East since it is monopolized by Jews and friends of Israel. And there is a precedent. Not so long ago the U.S. State Department had an informal policy that discouraged the selection of Jewish ambassadors for Israel. The intent was to prevent any conflicts of interest and also to protect the ambassadors from inappropriate pressure. There also existed a cadre of so-called Arabists who dealt with issues in the Middle East alongside Jewish officers in the State Department. In the 1950s and 1960s a concerted effort was made by Jewish organizations and Congress to weed out the Arabists and currently nearly all the working level handling of policy formulation for that region is being done by Jews. One might assume reasonably that the concentration of decision making in the hands of a partisan group, whether Arabists or Zionists, would inevitably not be in the U.S. national interest, and so it has proven if one looks at the shambles in the arc from Afghanistan over to Lebanon.

John Harris – research suggests Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess was planning to meet King George VI's brother Prince George at RAF Dundonald near Troon, Ayrshire – 1941 mystery flight to England. Author John Harris shares evidence RAF Dundonald may have been the secret destination of Rudolf Hess who lost his way and had to bail out on his bizarre flight to Britain on 10th May 1941. Harris also suggests Prince George may have been waiting there for Hess to discuss the coup attempt that, as it transpired, never was, and anyway may simply have been an MI6 lure. The latest book from John Harris and Richard Wilbourn continues to build on their longstanding research into the Hess mystery over 25 years. Slowly, the fog that has descended over the Hess case is beginning to clear and Harris and Wilbourn expand here on the implications of their recent findings. There is now little doubt that MI6 were heavily involved in the Hess affair and this involvement is clearly described and explained. What is not so clear is whether MI6 was acting alone, outside of the incumbent Churchill government, in an attempt to be able to offer a viable peace between Nazi Germany and factions within Great Britain. These factions would much rather have preferred a negotiated settlement to a bloody invasion attempt in the summer of 1941. In order to enter into such negotiations MI6 recruited a Finnish Art historian, Tancred Borenius and sent him to Switzerland in January 1941. Additionally the role of the Polish government in exile is closely examined and in particular the role of Josef Retinger, the arch federalist. The evidence would now suggest that a separate peace was being negotiated, outside of governmental channels. That is why Hess flew to Scotland.

Ian Crane, creator of ‘Alternative View’ conferences, dies from cancer aged 64 - ‘Democracy in Chains’ talk from Nov. 2018. Tributes have been paid to the opponent of fracking, Ian R Crane, who died last week (25Feb2021) after a long illness.  The former oil industry executive campaigned against shale gas extraction through the courts, public meetings, broadcasts and livestream protest videos. He joined or helped to establish protection camps across the UK, including those at Balcombe in West Sussex, Barton Moss in Salford, Upton in Cheshire, Misson in Nottinghamshire and Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. He gave talks in towns and villages in potential shale gas areas, introducing some people to the process of fracking for the first time. At the High Court, he challenged terms in injunctions against protests brought by Cuadrilla and IGas. In the case against Cuadrilla, he represented himself, successfully opposing a proposed protest pen . He also contested, unsuccessfully, attempts by Rathlin Energy to declare him bankrupt in a costs dispute over the occupation of land at the Crawberry Hill exploration site in East Yorkshire. Ian Crane broadcast daily video updates from Kirby Misperton when Third Energy was preparing to frack in 2017-2018. His fortnightly online programme, Fracking Nightmare, became a voice piece for many in the anti-fracking movement. He also produced and presented the documentary Voices from the Gasfields about the experiences of landowners in shale areas of southern Queensland in Australia. He campaigned on a wide range of other issues through the Alternative View conferences and his Humanity versus Insanity broadcasts.

Alan Watt, from ‘Cutting Through the Matrix’ website, dies aged 55 - ‘Understand the Control to Set Yourself Free’ talk in 2010. A Glimpse Into the Great Work As a preface to understanding, I think it necessary to go through the standard phases of “waking up." 1. An Individual vaguely perceives something is wrong in his/her life. This takes the form of fatigue at trying to "keep up" with real or imaginary crisis, encroachment of government into every aspect of life, increasing taxation and so on. Sometimes it takes the loss of work and the realisation that the safety net they contributed to has a gaping hole in the middle. 2. The individual discovers that justice is a joke and that all control mechanisms go up like a pyramid, taking their property, taxes etc. with it. This wealth then is distributed to "help bail-out" or "prop-up" "failing" transnational corporations. Left-overs are channelled via Overseas Development Corporations to "developing nations," where the loot is pocketed by front-men and their bureaucrats. Crumbs filter down to social services, which, after being guzzled by directors and staff, leave little for the needy except bundles of forms, in triplicate, of course. 3. The individual looks around for others already exposing "the conspiracy." These established champions inform him which "conspiracy" books to read. Having then done so, the individual begins to "expose" the corruption, first to friends, then when friendless, he either publishes what he has gleaned or becomes paranoid and withdraws from society altogether. Why does the waking-up process fail to spread quickly through society? 1. He is terribly naive. He believes the massive corruption "just happened" to begin in his own lifetime, otherwise mummy or daddy or teacher would have warned him. It does not occur to him that his Parents, teachers etc. were as conditioned as he was. 2. Most people do not wish to know. They, like farm animals, have been domesticated. Wild animals (original) have natural instincts of self-preservation. They sense the evil intentions of predators and they survive by trusting their instincts. Wild herds do not "hang around" when one or more members drops dead. Specially bred sheep do. 3. Pavlovian conditioning/response indoctrination has been fed to every individual, through schooling. The media then takes over. Peoples’ opinions are simply sound-bites from news, talk-shows or quotes from glossy magazines. 4. Trust replaces the instinct of self-preservation. It over-rides memory and logic. Controllers and shepherds encourage trust. 5. When threatened with loss of possessions, property, access to health care, etc., people turn to government (predators) for help, or/and organised religion. Should an individual persist in pushing for his "rights," he will be removed from society and placed in a psychiatric hospital or prison on any number of pretexts. The alternative is death by "accident," or shot by police while 'resisting arrest.'

FASTING SUGGESTIONS THIS EASTER: Jesus did it for forty days and forty nights. Crikey! Easter is a central annual sacred time for Jews too of course, because Jesus' crucifixion happened at Passover, a celebration of when the angel of death passed over the (marked out by lambs blood) houses of Jews in Egyptian captivity. Some I know have done forty day fasts, but that's pretty drastic. Water only fasting, particularly for the overweight, is a powerful spiritual discipline which usually involves a 'hump' of feeling grotty between 24-48 hours after the morning your fast begins as your body adjusts to thriving off stored fuel, rather than what you're digesting.

Have an aim of just three or four days if you've not fasted before, possibly longer if you have, and even take a 'go as long as you can' if you really want to push it. Fasting is not a 'hunger strike' but a spiritual discipline, so if you feel unwell after the 48 hours either stop the fast or take some medical advice. The upside is it's purging a lot of toxins from your system and allowing your body to do a kind of 'service' on itself without all the energy the digestive system takes to run. Also one can feel more spiritually in touch with God, meditative and contemplative, taking rare a step back from life.
So as we enter the week running up to Easter do give water only fasting a thought in these profoundly dark, militant secular, pseudo-scientific times. It's a challenge of self-discipline, turning one's body into one's temple.

If you or your family don't feel up to a long fast just Good Friday am to Easter Monday supper time may fit. 'On the third day he rose again', focuses us on the evil-smashing self-sacrifice of Christ's death and resurrection. And if you don't feel up to that you can still go for a St. Thomas Aquinas fast, taking only one meal a day (ST, II-II, q. 147, a. 6).

Thanks for listening. Please feed back/reply to share advice or corrections. Thank you for being you, and God bless. Tony

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