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State Of The City reports
Republican Mid-term Wins: Ex-Pacifica Radio Don DeBar on CIA, Media & State of US Democracy
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Nov. 12, 2022, 12:03 a.m.
= Recycling of failed cabinet ministers. Resignation of former Tory whip, ex education and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson
– Inclusive Capitalism conference 2015 – King Charles and Lynne Forester de Rothschild speak about a new form of capitalism
– King Charles’ funds and cites Pavan Sukhdev (spatchcocked in) who is an Indian banker
– Much better would be a system which acknowledges everyone should have access to water and basic food and shelter for free
– Stop Three Waters in New Zealand is nationalising individual farms and settlements bringing bore hole and rain water systems under government control.
– All the capitalists that used to make money innovating are failing so monopolising infrastructure because they can rake off profits
– Floating offshore wind to benefit King Charles and the Crown Estate in the ‘Celtic Sea’. better known as the Irish Sea
– Fury at LBC journalist Charlotte Lynch’s ‘terrifying’ 5 hours in cell after arrest covering M25 protest –
– Extinction Rebellion XR and Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain – using different names so their funds don’t get confiscated
– Fast charging good marketing but damaging electric car batteries and can cause fires –
– David Icke banned from EU, speaks of ‘moronic people … who took a fake vaccine to protect them from a fake virus’
– Ignore All Authority Listen Only To Your Self: ‘We’ve Got To Have The Deadly Vaccine To Protect Us From The Fake Virus’,
– Australian woman on WEF Globalist multidimensional trap to hate their governments
– Iraq Hero Johnson Beharry was emailed and called about Queen Elizabeth’s funeral days before Her Majesty died
– King George V was murdered, not euthanised. Killing of King George V was secret until 1986
– Republican Mid-term Wins: Ex-Pacifica Radio Don DeBar on CIA, Media & State of US Democracy
– An underwhelming democracy: US midterm elections hand Republicans a sullied victory –
– New Zealand farmers hit streets to protest cow-burp tax plan WELLINGTON,
– COP27 Fringe: Cattle Cause Global Warming? Show Us The Evidence Say New Zealand Farmers
– The incoming Auckland Mayor stated, ‘In more than 300 campaign events, I detected no support for 'three waters at all among Aucklanders.
– Sneaky Three Waters raid of Covid Fund exposed – Nicola Willis
– Support for New Zealand Labour Party Hits 2017 Low – Poll
– Barry Smith was a Christian preacher, Bible teacher and author, who explained the end times and in this case the occult
– NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
Part One – News Review and Investigative Reports
Resignation of former Tory whip, education and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson = Recycling of failed cabinet ministers – UK minister Gavin Williamson resigns from post following bullying allegations

Inclusive Capitalism conference 2015 – King Charles and Lynne Forester de Rothschild speak about a new form of capitalism which includes nature looking for ‘new sources of profit’ – social and environmental, bringing naive young people into company boards and decision making – paying for the use of water – Lynne Forester de Rothschild explains Pope Francis is in on this ‘inclusive capitalist’. Capitalism – gathering of super rich and powerful to pat each other on the back about how much they’re going to do for the poor and the environment while keeping their failed capitalist system – large peasant populations are not so dependent on money yet king Charles and the inclusive capitalism council want them to be cash-dependent too and EXPAND capitalism massively by monetising nature. Air and water will be government controlled and monetised by ‘inclusive capitalists’ and trade in nature as a supposed solution. Pope Joins Rothschilds and Mega-banks for “Inclusive Capitalism” – Pope Francis and the Vatican are doubling down on the Deep State push for globalism and technocracy, forming a highly controversial coalition for “Inclusive Capitalism” that brings together crony mega-banks, Big Business, the United Nations, the Rothschild banking dynasty, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other key institutions of the global elite. Critics blasted and mocked the scheme. The goal, according to the alliance, is to “evolve” capitalism to become more “inclusive” and “sustainable.” This includes helping to achieve the widely criticized United Nations Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) that would usher in a technocratic system of global governance. In short, the New World Order agenda is getting a major boost from leaders of one of the world’s major religions. The concept of “inclusive capitalism,” sometimes referred to as “stakeholder capitalism,” represents a fusion of central-planning and private property very much along the lines of fascism or technocracy, as The New American has been highlighting for many years. Under Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist regime, for instance, private owners were allowed to keep their enterprises and even continue earning a profit. However, the Nazi regime told them what to do. Under a true free-market system, businesses seek to earn profit for their owners by best satisfying the needs and wants of customers. This ensures fair prices and high quality. With “inclusive capitalism,” however, global elites and their technocratic administrators ­ very much including those in this new coalition ­ establish various other goals and objectives including “environmental,” “social,” and so on. In short, “inclusive capitalism” is not actually capitalism. According to a press release about the new scheme, the Vatican partnership puts members of the group ­ some of the largest and most powerful economic actors on the planet ­ “under the moral guidance” of longtime critic of capitalism Pope Francis and the Vatican he leads. Cardinal Turkson, who runs the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, would serve as the pope’s emissary in guiding the new alliance. Lynne Forester de Rothschild – wife of Evelyn de Rothschild who died this week – explains work and finance together at inclusive capitalism – ‘responding’ to popes call to reform capitalism – trusted – sustainable – dynamic capitalism in an attempt to resurrect and preserve capitalism – making basic essentials of life water, food and shelter cheap or free –

King Charles’ funds and cites Pavan Sukhdev (spatchcocked in) who is an Indian environmental economist whose field of studies include green economy and international finance. He was the Special Adviser and Head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative, a major UN project suite to demonstrate that greening of economies is not a burden on growth but rather a new engine for growing wealth, increasing decent employment, and reducing persistent poverty. Pavan Sukhdev – A banker who loves nature – Growing up in a wealth of nature – Born in 1960, Sukhdev was raised in New Delhi, India. Although New Delhi has developed into a large city, it was a small town surrounded by nature when Pavan was growing up. At his grandmother’s house, they could see fruit bats flying around the trees in the garden during the day, and hear jackals howling in the distance. During summer vacation, he also spent time with his family in nature at places such as Simla and Massoorie. Spending time in these unspoiled environments cultivated in him a love of nature.

Much better would be a system which acknowledges everyone should have access to water and basic food and shelter for free – Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 25: Food, water and shelter for all Article 25 states: (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

Stop Three Waters in New Zealand is nationalising individual farms and settlements bringing bore hole and rain water systems under government control. A far greater dependence on money -take water services off local authorities and hand them over to unelected bodies

All the capitalists that used to make money innovating are failing so monopolising infrastructure because they can rake off profits out of humans’ basic needs – cannot turn infrastructure into a market – Parasitic Capitalism Exposed Mariana Mazzucato’s new book is a detailed exposé of the parasitic character of modern capitalism, drawing on Karl Marx’s theory of the source of value creation. But understanding the law of value is only a first step to providing an alternative to a system that cannot overcome its inevitable tendency for periodic crises and which needs to be overthrown, argues PETER TAAFFE Mazzucato does not attack capitalism as a whole, just one aspect of the system: what she calls ‘value extraction’. Moreover, her book is inconsistent with Marx’s ideas. These seek to arm the working class and the labour movement with an understanding of the economic laws which govern capitalist society – the economy’s limits and contradictions – the better then to replace capitalism with the more advanced system of democratic socialism. The aim of Mazzucato is not to overthrow the system but to reform and replace it with “a type of capitalism that is more sustainable, more symbiotic – that works for all”. Capitalism, which today is more and more parasitic and failing, as the book shows in graphic detail, by its very nature can only benefit the ‘few’ – certainly not ‘all’, or even the ‘many’ to whom Jeremy Corbyn has appealed. Some of the proposals advanced by Mazzucato – such as the increased involvement of the state in the economy and curbs on the more voracious aspects of capital – have already been embraced by the reformist left in Britain and elsewhere. They could form part of the programme of a left-wing Corbyn government in Britain. Even if they were fully implemented, however, although capitalism could be weaker as a result of the halfway measures being proposed, it would still remain largely intact. Mazzucato uses Marx’s writings on value to attempt to ride to the rescue of ailing capitalism. Her intention is not to enable the new generation of workers and youth to understand the law of value and prepare them for the series of crises which inevitably flow from this. Nor does she suggest programmatic measures to replace the rule of capital with socialism.

Sneaky Three Waters raid of Covid Fund exposed – Nicola Willis – UK Food Banks running out of food – how next week’s Autumn budget statement Exchange controls and individual nation states don’t mean anything if they don’t control people or wealth going in and out of their country – Russia will be immune to the coming crash in the West. Chinese economy is also somewhat insulated. Western capitalism has been a total disaster.

The Last Phase in the Transformation of Capitalism – Michael Kalecki was a Polish Marxist economist. Over the course of his life, Kalecki worked at the London School of Economics, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Warsaw School of Economics and was an economic advisor to the governments of Poland, France, Cuba, Israel, Mexico and India. He also served as the deputy director of the United Nations Economic Department in New York City. Kalecki has been called “one of the most distinguished economists of the 20th century” and “likely the most original one”. It is often claimed that he developed many of the same ideas as John Maynard Keynes before Keynes, but he remains much less known to the English-speaking world. He offered a synthesis that integrated Marxist class analysis and the new literature on oligopoly theory, and his work had a significant influence on both the neo-Marxian (Monopoly Capital and post-Keynesian schools of economic thought. He was one of the first macroeconomists to apply mathematical models and statistical data to economic questions. Being also a political economist and a person of leftist convictions, Kalecki emphasized the social aspects and consequences of economic policies. Kalecki made major theoretical and practical contributions in the areas of the business cycle, growth, full employment, income distribution, the political boom cycle, the oligopolistic economy, and risk. Among his other significant interests were monetary issues, economic development, finance, interest, and inflation. In 1970, Kalecki was nominated for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, but he died the same year.

Floating offshore wind to benefit King Charles and the Crown Estate in the ‘Celtic Sea’. better known as the Irish Sea Oil firm Equinor looks to Celtic Sea for floating wind development COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Norwegian oil and gas major Equinor on Monday said it was interested in developing a “gigawatt scale” floating offshore wind project off the coast of Britain in the Celtic Sea in connection with an upcoming seabed leasing round. The project is part of Crown Estate plans to offer leases to the industry next year, Equinor said in a statement. The Estate manages the seabed and half the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Equinor already operates the small Hywind floating offshore wind farm (30 megawatt), off the northeast coast of Scotland, and is a partner in several other British offshore wind farms. Floating wind farms are more expensive to develop than turbines that are fixed to the seabed but can be located in deeper waters.

Extinction Rebellion XR and Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain – using different names so their funds don’t get confiscates – occupying the M25 and targeting the victims of transport policy rather than the perpetrators or decision makers – Police arrest LBC journalist covering the protests – Fury at LBC journalist’s ‘terrifying’ 5 hours in cell after arrest covering M25 protest – LBC journalist Charlotte Lynch was reporting on a Just Stop Oil protest yesterday morning when she was approached and questioned by two police officers. She showed them a press card, but was arrested There is outrage from across the world of politics, policing and the media tonight after an LBC radio journalist suffered a “terrifying” five hours in a police cell when she was arrested while covering the Just Stop Oil M25 protest. LBC Reporter Charlotte Lynch was reporting from a road bridge over junction 21 of the M25 in Hertfordshire after activists blocked the major motorway yesterday morning. While working, she said she was approached and questioned by two police officers who handcuffed her even though she showed them her press card and explained she was reporting on the demonstration. Ms Lynch said officers searched her on the side of the road, took her phone and arrested her on conspiracy to commit a public nuisance. She was placed in the back of a police van on her own and the journey took over an hour due to the M25 being closed. Sharing her experience, the reporter said: “Got to Stevenage police station, that journey took over an hour because of the M25 being closed. “I was in the back of a police van, handcuffed, my hands were in front of me, handcuffed the entire time, on my own, the two police officers were behind the glass cage.

Fast charging damaging electric car batteries and can cause fires – ‘whiskers’ of metal form between the anode and cathode in the battery that can short out and catch fire when on fast charge. The charging of electric cars is a major disadvantage so dangerous fast charging has been encouraged as a solution to the massive inconvenience of and overnight charge before the car can be used again. Fast-charging can damage electric car batteries in just 25 cycles Fast–charging of electric batteries can ruin their capacity after just 25 charges, researchers have said, after they ran experiments on batteries used in some popular electric cars. High temperatures and resistance from fast charging at commercial stations can cause cracks and leaks, said the engineers from the University of California, Riverside. The team charged one set of discharged lithium-ion batteries using the same industry fast-charging method found at motorway stations. The researchers also charged a set using a new fast-charging algorithm based on the battery’s internal resistance, which interferes with the flow of electrons. The internal resistance of a battery fluctuates according to temperature, charge state, battery age and other factors. High internal resistance can cause problems during charging. The algorithmic charging method – known as internal resistance charging – is adaptive, learning from the battery by checking its internal resistance during charging. It rests when internal resistance kicks in, to prevent loss of charge capacity. For the first 13 charging cycles, the battery storage capacities for both charging techniques reportedly remained similar. After that, however, the industry fast-charging technique caused capacity to fade much faster – after 40 charges the batteries only had 60% of their storage capacity.

Creature of the City of London: new PM Rishi Sunak £750m of unearned wealth

David Icke religious-type speech on fascism and the ‘moronic people … who took a fake vaccine to protect them from a fake virus’ David Icke banned from travel to EU countries because he ‘might cause breaches of the peace’- Alex Jones fined $1.5 for his Sandy Hook coverage – David Icke gives speech about his ban which has much merit to it – but poisons his commentary by asserting that there was no Covid-19 SARS-Cov-2 virus – in fact he believes that bacteria germs and viruses do not exist. Letting the creator of the bioweapon in the Wuhan lab off scot free – a merciless feudal slavery system by destroying access to an independent income – what lockdown was really about, dismantling small businesses – pushing up energy prices – individualist mentality – David Icke, Fascism and Conspirituality – The Conspiracy-Conspiracy – Facebook has been targeting QAnon ads towards those interested in alternative health, resulting in what academics have identified as “Conspirituality,” a strange blend of the New Age movement and right-wing conspiracy theories.[1] The merger of these seemingly paradoxical influences can be traced back to David Icke, who has introduced into conventional conspiracy theories a blend of New Age and Theosophical ideas, which have long had a close relationship with fascism, and in particular, Nazism. Effectively, through the influence of QAnon and the advent of Covid-19, Icke’s message is gaining increasing appeal within the New Age movement, who have adopted his right-wing conspiracy theories, such that they have come to identify the Left as the enemy of political and spiritual freedom. Merging their New Age beliefs, they hope to prevent the advent of a “New World Order,” and to assist instead in an “Ascension” to the utopian promises of the Age of Aquarius, which in fact, is the true goal of the Luciferian and fascist conspiracy. There are many reasons for the inability of a significant enough opposition to coalesce against the conspiracy, primary among them being of course elite control of the media. However, the opposition that has been able to form has been not been able to blossom into a broader movement, largely because of internal disunity. Most disruptive is the fact that, while the conspirators and the organizations they operate have been for the most part identified, conspiracy researchers, due to their different political affiliations, are not agreed as to their goals, and therefore, the appropriate solution either. Part of the reason for this confusion is what appears to be a disinformation campaign to hijack any growing opposition to the conspiracy. As I have revealed in my recent six-volume book, Ordo ab Chao, the key modus operandi of the conspiracy has been to deploy what I call a “conspiracy-conspiracy.” It is a deliberate attempt to cultivate an errant interpretation of the conspiracy to create a controlled opposition of naïve dissidents who are ultimately recruited into inadvertently serving the conspiracy. The reason this happens is that is those who are dismayed with the direction our societies have taken tend to become desperate for change, and too ready to throw in their support with anyone who appears to represent their interests. They look at a leader’s words, not what they stand for, which makes them easily duped.

Australian woman on WEF Globalist multidimensional trap to convince the public and those who are ‘awake’ to hate their governments and rise up against their governments for them – ‘waking up’ to an engineered perception of complete control – people being convinced to dismantle their governments for the New World Order – globalists need to dissolve national governments – surely this is all a trap – if people dissolve their governments, who takes over – a look at the WEF website to see what they really have planned and how they are weakening governments and institution – WEF strategic intelligence maps by country – civic participation – future orientation of government – civil disobedience – citizens assemblies – dilution of hierarchies – shifts in power – other entities are seeking to take their place – political parties, trades unions and organised religion are being replaced by technology companies – tear it down so THEY can build it back – NGOs and global corporate entities

Iraq Hero told about Queen Elizabeth’s funeral before Her Majesty died – Johnson Beharry, a solider who was awarded the highest military honour in Britain for heroism in Iraq, has revealed he was asked about his availability the day before Queen Elizabeth died. Mr Beharry said in an interview with the Sun on Sunday: “Her Majesty was like a gran to me. Without the Queen, I wouldn’t have the life I have now.” Two months ago today on September 6, Queen Elizabeth held her final royal engagement when she met with former Prime Ministers Liz Truss and Boris Johnson. The new interview with Mr Beharry has given insight into Queen Elizabeth during her final royal assignment and how brave how resilient she was to continue acting as head of state. Mr Beharry, who was awarded the Victoria Cross, said: “Two days before Her Majesty’s passing, I had an email asking me if I could confirm that I’m definitely available if Operation London Bridge happens. I never replied.” Operation London Bridge was the code name for the plans in place in the event of Queen Elizabeth’s death. The veteran added: “The following day I had a phone call saying, ‘We need you to confirm, yes or no, you’re happy to go through with it if Operation London Bridge happened’.

King George V was murdered, not euthanised. Killing of King George V was secret until 1986 Professor Bryant has not adequately explored the nuances of the death of King George V (Letters, 20 March). It is misleading to say that the royal family at the time were unaware of the nature of his death. What in fact happened was that Queen Mary and her son, soon to be Edward VIII, explicitly told the king’s physician, Lord Dawson, that they did not want King George’s life needlessly prolonged if his condition was fatal. There was no explicit command to commit a killing, but the way was left clear for Dawson to “do the right thing”, and he clearly understood this. He actually telephoned his wife an hour before killing George to get her to tell the Times to hold back its front page for the desired formal announcement. It was premeditated.

Bitchute video of complete show – Essentials: Michael Hudson; Tony on Brexit

Part Two – Ukraine/Covid/Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

‘An underwhelming finish:’ US midterm elections hand Republicans a sullied victory – Incomplete results from midterm elections in the United States show that the Republican Party is ahead in both the Senate and the House of Representatives but has performed far more poorly than it had been expected to. Following the election, and according to the results so far, 49 seats at the Senate are now held by Republicans, compared to 48 by Democrats. And 207 US representatives are Republican, compared to 189 who are Democratic. As such, Republicans are certain to gain the majority at the House of Representatives, even as vote counting continues. Top US Republican says ‘clear we are going to take the House ba But the race for the majority in the Senate is yet undecided. Votes for Nevada and Arizona are still being counted and a tight race in Georgia has officially headed for a December 6 runoff. The Georgia runoff could mean that control of the upper chamber might not be decided for weeks. The Republicans were forced to celebrate a much smaller victory than they had anticipated. Even though they appear to have secured the majority at the House and may do so at the Senate as well, Republicans failed to deliver on a big “red wave” that was supposed to sweep the country with a base roused by former President Donald Trump. The New York Times called that performance an “underwhelming finish.” The Democrats were pleasantly surprised. President Joe Biden, the fate of whose presidency is at serious risk because of the Republican victory, celebrated the results nevertheless. “It was a good day for democracy and I think a good day for America,” Biden said, even though the Republicans’ narrow margin in the House could upend his legislative agenda. The potential control of the Senate, meanwhile, would give Republicans the power to block Biden’s nominees for judicial and administrative posts. “Our democracy has been tested in recent years, but with their votes, the American people have spoken and proven once again that democracy is who we are,” Biden said. “While the press and the pundits are predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen.” “While any seat lost is painful… Democrats had a strong night. And we lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in the last 40 years. We had the best midterm for governors since 1986,” Biden said.

New Zealand farmers hit streets to protest cow-burp tax plan WELLINGTON, New Zealand ­ Farmers across New Zealand took to the streets on their tractors Thursday to protest government plans to tax cow burps and other greenhouse gas emissions. Lobby group Groundswell New Zealand helped organize more than 50 protests in towns and cities across the country, the biggest involving a few dozen vehicles. Last week, the government proposed a new farm levy as part of a plan to tackle climate change. The government said it would be a world first, and that farmers should be able to recoup the cost by charging more for climate-friendly products. Because farming is so big in New Zealand ­ there are 10 million beef and dairy cattle and 26 million sheep, compared to just 5 million people ­ about half of all greenhouse gas emissions come from farms. Methane from burping cattle makes a particularly big contribution. But some farmers argue the proposed tax would actually increase global greenhouse gas emissions by shifting farming to countries less efficient at making food. At the protest in Wellington, farmer Dave McCurdy said he was disappointed in the small turnout, but said most farmers were working hard on their farms during a spell of good spring weather at a particularly busy time of year. He said farmers were good environmental stewards. “It’s our life, our family’s lives,” he said. “We’re not out there to wreck it, we wouldn’t make any money. We love our farms. That’s what annoys us. We’re painted at these bad guys, but a lot of farmers have spent generations looking after that land.”

The incoming Auckland Mayor made his views clear in a letter sent to Watercare Chairwoman Margaret Devlin and Auckland Council CEO Jim Stabback. In a statement released late this afternoon, Brown stated, ‘In more than 300 campaign events, I detected no support for it at all among Aucklanders. I promised in the election campaign to stop it.’ He also said Auckland households were heading into an economic and fiscal storm and Watercare and Auckland Council must keep water charges and rates as low as possible. ‘The proposal has not been passed by Parliament and after last weekend’s local government elections throughout the country has no chance of proceeding this side of next year’s general election. The Government’s new Three Waters scheme will take water services infrastructure off 67 local councils and give it to four new entities that are not democratically accountable to the public. At the moment, everyone over 18 can actively participate in the way local authorities administer and charge them for water services by submitting on council Long Term Plans, Annual Plans, and exercising their vote at local elections. The Three Waters scheme will take away all of those rights. Three Waters was meant to be the long-awaited proposal to reform New Zealand’s drinking water, stormwater and wastewater service delivery following the 2016 campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North. Instead, Minister Mahuta turned it into a vehicle to roll-out a new co-governance model for critical resources that would give Maori a greater say in how New Zealand’s infrastructure is run than the general public who pay for it. The Three Waters scheme would see all three waters infrastructure removed from local authority ownership and placed under the control by four ‘regional’ entities. Maori will have a deciding vote in how entities are run and the ability to set strategic direction for service delivery, which will be carried out by board who must be fluent in matauranga Maori.

Sneaky Three Waters raid of Covid Fund exposed – Nicola Willis The Government’s decision to quietly raid the Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund to gussy up its controversial Three Waters plan was sneaky and wasteful, National’s Finance spokesperson Nicola Willis says. “Today the New Zealand Herald revealed that in April this year Cabinet explicitly changed the rules for the Covid fund so that it could spend $70 million more on Three Waters costs, including millions on yet more public relations and policy advice from private contractors. “The Government kept this move under wraps – a decision that shows contempt for taxpayers’ right to know how their money is being spent. “This is a shocker. Finance Minister Grant Robertson is back to his old trick of using the Covid fund as a slush fund for the sneaky little projects he wants to keep off the books. “Cabinet must have been desperate to throw more taxpayer funds at its doomed Three Waters pet project, but knew the wasteful spending wouldn’t survive normal public scrutiny. So, it came up with a dodgy work-around instead. “The arrogance of the move is breath-taking, and makes a mockery of both the Budget process and the Public Finance Act. “Prior to the Jacinda Ardern-led Labour Party coming to office, $70 million was considered a lot of money. Now, Labour throws it around like confetti. “This misuse of Covid money was essentially a Hail Mary pass aimed at getting a doomed project over the line. “The Office of the Auditor-General, which in May stated that there needed to be more transparency and reporting around the Covid fund, will no doubt be interested in the latest revelations. “Grant Robertson must apologise for this sneaky use of taxpayer funding and commit to treating taxpayer funds with more respect in future.”

Support for New Zealand Labour Party Hits 2017 Low – Poll WELLINGTON (Reuters) – Support for New Zealand’s ruling Labour Party has dropped to its lowest level since Jacinda Ardern took over the leadership, an opinion poll released late on Sunday showed. The closely watched Newshub-Reid Research poll showed support for Ardern’s party at 32.3%, down 5.9 points since the last poll in May. Support for largest opposition party, National, is at 40.7%. New Zealand is not due to go to the polls until late in 2023 but those figures would leave Labour and its traditional partners without enough support to form a coalition government. Ardern told Newshub AM Show earlier Monday that she takes every single poll with a grain of salt and instead focuses on what she is hearing from New Zealanders.

Barry Smith was a Christian preacher, Bible teacher and author, who wrote 7 books on Bible prophecy and travelled extensively, speaking about the end times in relation to Bible prophecy and current world events. Barry Smith explains how occult teachings are influencing our society and how they are manipulating people to fall for the traps of the devil to make way for… Barry taught for over forty years throughout the Pacific, Australia, the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and other parts of the world. He travelled by invitation only, often packing out large churches, auditoriums and even stadiums – his messages and views were entertaining, compelling and sometimes controversial. Literally thousands of people committed their lives to Jesus Christ following Barry’s preaching. Barry maintained his teaching on Bible prophecy was a vehicle to ‘lead people to a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ’. He was recognised for his views on ‘the end times’ but personally, his mission was that of an evangelist. His central message was – there is no security in this world outside of a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ; and that people should read the ‘signs of the times’ and find security in God: Watch as world government groups begin to control nations, through controlling oil, and control people, through controlling food Watch as ‘cash’ is phased out and a cashless society ushered in; the ultimate tool to control and manipulate people; this would include ‘the mark of the beast’ system of buying and selling – a microchip implanted in the hand or in the forehead Watch for the formation of a New World Order – a global government, which will eventually be led by a single world leader, the Antichrist (one who stands in the place of Christ) Watch as a ‘one world religion’ forms – which will be led by ‘the false prophet’ who will endorse the Antichrist Ultimately, the world leader (Antichrist) will be seen for what he really is: a follower of Satan whose aim is to be ‘like the Most High’.

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